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Derivation and meaning
The compound name PureState is straightforward yet contains multiple layers of meaning. Taken literally, pure communicates clean as well as simple, absolute, and elemental—unmixed with any other substance. More metaphorically, the word expresses innocent and honest (pure of heart) and total (pure bliss). State also has multiple meanings. It refers to the condition of a person or thing, the operations of government (matters of state), or a political division (the fifty states). State is likely to be read as a noun in this name, but don’t overlook that as a verb it communicates communication. Note also that in physics, pure state is a basic concept of quantum mechanics—an unmixed state of a quantum system—which could give the name a scientific context if desired. However, most audiences will be unfamiliar with this use and recall phrases such as state of pure joy when they hear the name.

Values and attributes  
Pure, clean, simplicity, natural, organic, environmental protection, sustainable, eco-friendly, transparent, honest, trust, confidence, certain, ecstatic, emotion, joy, experience, real, authentic, sheer, tremendous, great, elemental, unmitigated, absolute, total, thorough, passionate, emotive, excited 

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The primary message of PureState is purity, which implies transparency, honesty, and trust. This name fits brands that value simplicity and the natural, making it a perfect choice for products and services in the environmental sector, such as sustainability programs, protecting clean air and water, or eliminating pollutants. But the name has broad range. For F&B, pure might signal natural ingredients. For tourism and travel, pure might mean pristine locations (perhaps in a US state). For tech, PureState might mean the ultimate in VR. Its subtle reference to communication reinforces the idea of a brand that states the truth. For any sector, the name’s association with pure experiences make it well suited to brands offering products that inspire strong feelings authentically. 

Design and imagery
The imagery around PureState will accentuate the pure and clean messaging with simple, even minimal design. Sans serif would create clean lines. The notion of transparency could be alluded to with an outline type that suggests you can see right through it. An uncomplicated color palette, focusing on only one or two for brand identity, will further support the messaging.

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