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Derivation and meaning  
The coined name Upterra is a blend of up and the word part terr (“earth,” “land”), familiar to English speakers from words such as territory and terrain. That word part comes from the Latin terra, meaning “earth/soil,” “land,” “the world.” In astronomy (and science fiction), Terra is the proper name for the planet Earth, giving Upterra a scientific tone. But Terra is also the Roman earth goddess and a feminine given name, which softens and implies the nurture of Mother Earth. With its Latin root, the name will be easily understood by international audiences. Upterra recalls upturn and uptempo, suggesting happy times and positivity. And more subtly recalls obtain, uptake, and uptime, reinforcing the ideas of achievement and progress. Its similarity to words like uptown, upstate, and uplands could imply Upterra is a place. Tera- is the international prefix for “trillion,” as in terabyte, which could suggest computing or, more broadly, vast quantity.

Values and attributes  
Elevate, raise, aspire, uplift, higher, upgrade, upturn, earth, grounded, soil, land, obtain, achieve, progress, nurture, Mother Earth, natural, organic, flourish, grow, cultivate, terabyte, warm, supportive

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Upterra combines the aspiration of upward motion with the grounded sustenance of the Earth. The soft tone of terra is balanced by the punch of up, which gives this name broad range in terms of brand personality. It’s especially well suited to brands that help the Earth flourish, in the sustainability space or environmental advocacy and innovation. The suggestion of soil could place the name in agriculture or food & beverage, perhaps an organic vineyard (terroir is a common winemaking term), or could suggest off-road tires that help you tear up the terrain. The combined association of terra and tera could suggest a productive place for vast data storage. With its messages of elevation and support, Upterra easily applies across sectors to any brand that helps customers, or the planet we share, thrive. 

Design and imagery
Given its versatility in messaging, Upterra has nearly unlimited design possibility. The p descender is followed by the t ascender, which could be leveraged to suggest reaching up from the soil. Earth tones would reinforce the nurturing land, while blues aspiring to the heavens. A splash of color would go far to add interest and modern flair. Bold type can reflect the solid nature of land–firm, strong, substantive. 

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